The Power of Fragrance to Sustain you.

Idle. Abstract yet Compelling

Work Stressful? Brexit getting you down? Here’s a little story about how the right fragrance can lift your spirits and give you some temporary relief.

A while back, I was visiting customers in Wiltshire. The last stop was to see the entrepreneur Susie Willis who was in the final stages of developing the packaging for her cult Skincare Brand, Romilly Wilde. That day she was working out of her ‘Wiltshire Office’ a beautiful old Rectory in one of the loveliest villages I have ever seen.

Susie Willis. Founder of Romilly Wilde

It happened that she was finalising the first fragrance of the range. This is called ‘Idle’ because it captures those wonderful moments of languor and a lot more besides to make it ‘abstract yet compelling’.

Before I left the meeting for the long journey back to Cheshire, Susie sprayed a generous amount on my wrists from the little tester pack she had. It was a little lifesaver: the motorways were pretty much clogged the whole way and it took me about 5 hours. Each time I met a fresh traffic queue, I’d inhale deeply. Idle’s complex notes temporarily spirited me away and made the whole journey a bit more bearable. What’s more, it lasted the whole 5 hours!

That journey stands out among all the long tedious car journeys I’ve had – for all the right reasons. Such is the power of fragrance. And yes, I did buy it when it was launched!

So if you’ve got some truly grim meetings or journeys coming up, go out and snaffle a few testers of your favourites to apply. It won’t make it better but it could provide some lovely distractions.

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