Aesop Post-Poo Drops

Zut Alors! The Elegant Bathroom Solution for Odeur de Merde!

Now here’s a conundrum. You’ve just got/are about to get, the bathroom of your dreams. It is/it will be 10% over budget and 6 weeks behind schedule but it’s wonderful to stand and admire it/imagine it in all its finished glory.

So what style have you opted for? Turkish Hammam, Tuscan Rustic or minimalist white?

Elegant and sleek – So where do you put the big Air Freshener can?

Whatever the choice, there’s one small problem – what to do with that garish, industrial sized aerosol can of ‘Neutrapong’ that lives in every bathroom. It’s too big to go in the bathroom cabinet and if you put it next to the toilet bowl (one of those funny shaped toilets perhaps) it ruins the carefully and expensively curated decor.

Post-Poo Drops: Apothecary Chic

The quirkiest ‘beauty’ product you never knew you needed

The good news is that there is now a solution – from the folks down under. This is the Australian Natural Skincare company Aesop and their product ‘Post Poo Drops’ or to give it it’s more graphic French title ‘Gouttes Anti-Odeur de Merde’.

This little bottle must win the prize in the ‘product bought as a joke and then found to be seriously good’ category. It does tick all the boxes of being small, chic and has a classy, fresh citrussy fragrance.

I came across this by accident, after wandering into Aesop in the hope of finding Christmas presents while on Marylebone High Street. This is arguably one of the most upmarket streets on the planet, with a refined elegance that rises above base bodily functions.

So to have an assistant wander over to me, amid the beautifully understated and fragrant interior of the Aesop store and then start talking about ‘poo’ struck me as so incongruous (and a bit shocking)  that I was jolted into buying some. And kept it. And yes, it’s good. Plus they give you loads of free samples of their other products which are terrific, especially the hair balm.

Now at £20.00 a pop, Post Poo Drops aren’t cheap and I can hear you saying ‘£20.00!!, I can buy a lifetime’s worth of Neutrapong for that.’ And you’d be correct.

From Aesop to Aldi…..

The Excellent Aldi Lime Basil and Mandarin Reed Diffuser

So here’s what to do. You’ve probably got one or two of those reed diffuser thingies in your bathroom as well. These may well have cost upward of £40.00 (anything less is normally a bit Yuk.) So when it runs out, just nip along to Aldi and buy their Lime, Mandarin and Basil reed diffuser instead (there are other fragrances in the range but I’m told they are a bit ‘challenging’). It’s £3.99 and looks and smells like a million dollars. Job done!

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