About Sixty Slickers

Mildly surprised (and relieved) to have reached my sixties not only intact, but also feeling no different from when I was in my thirties, I thought it might be nice to write, and also learn, from you, gentle reader, about things that put the gloss on being sixty. Those things that both delight us and transcend age – so we’d all have been happy to have used them in our 30’s too.

Working, as I still do, in the beauty industry : in product development, filling and packaging – I’ve got to learn all sorts of insider stuff, so much of my focus is on this – the other is clothes, one of my other passions.

So who am I? Well, my name is Chrissie Knight, married, and I live in the UK where I split my time between Central London and a home in a large village not far from Manchester.

There’s plenty of opportunity to shine in both places and additionally in the North we’re not far from terrific countryside, even though it does get a bit wet and muddy. That certainly puts a different sort of gloss on things

I do hope you enjoy the Blog and that you will share your ideas with me.

And just to let you know that the articles are my personal, independent views with no payment or sponsorship.

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